We are the leading distributor of professional healthcare products from the well-known international brands. We are also the expert in design and building custom solutions for healthcare professionals.

         Starting from the sale of prosthetic legs/arms and orthotics. Later, company was expanded into physical therapy equipment market, developmental stimulation device (Snozelen), sports science tools and hoist respectively.

        Our vision to be a leading company in the field of advanced medical devices with national level quality and being accepted and satisfied from customers both in terms of excellence service and product quality. To be a creative and sustainable organization.

         We committed to adding value to the organization and personnel in order to compete in excellence service at the national level and joyfully working together, efficiently and effectively. Continually build personnel capacity to support changes in medical devices in terms of technology, innovation, marketing and services. Committed to selecting new products and innovations that are special and different, which consistent with developing in fields of rehabilitation and related fields